Breakthrough To Viewers With Amazon Sponsored TV

Reach Audiences With Sponsored TV Ads

Harness the power of Amazon Sponsored TV for new pathways of audience engagement and growth

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, Amazon Ads’ announcement of Sponsored TV at the unBoxed 2023 conference marks a significant milestone.

The new, self-service streaming TV ad solution is set to transform how brands, regardless of their size, engage with audiences across 30+ brand-safe streaming TV services.

Amazon Sponsored TV Streaming Services

As the growth in watch time on streaming services increases, these ads represent a significant opportunity for brands to reach their audience where they are most engaged.

Introducing Amazon Sponsored TV

Amazon Ads has unveiled Sponsored TV, a self-service ad solution designed for brands of all sizes in the U.S. that sell on Amazon. The service allows brands to reach audiences on Amazon Freevee, Twitch’s livestreamed entertainment, and various third-party streaming services through Fire TV apps.

The new service offers Streaming TV ads that are full-screen, non-skippable video ads that appear in streaming TV shows and movies. Amazon stated that the average monthly audience is over 155MM across Amazon ad-supported Streaming TV in the US, Q4 2022.

Amazon Sponsored TV Reach

Per Amazon, the number of reflects an “unduplicated monthly audience across Amazon Freevee, Amazon Publisher Direct, Fire TV Channels, Thursday Night Football, and Twitch.”

Ruslana Zbagerska, Vice President of Amazon Ads, emphasizes that TV advertising should be accessible to all businesses. Sponsored TV campaigns leverage Amazon’s machine-learning optimization and first-party data, offering relevant ad experiences to viewers on the biggest screen in their home.

Bridging The Gap For Brands Of All Sizes

Historically, TV advertising has been perceived as a domain reserved for large corporations due to its high costs and complex execution. However, Sponsored TV shatters this barrier, offering an accessible platform for small and medium-sized brands. This inclusivity is crucial in an era where streaming TV is rapidly overtaking traditional linear TV as the primary mode of content consumption.

The Power Of Self-Service And Flexibility

Sponsored TV, especially in its category, stands out for its flexibility. Brands can now create and manage their streaming TV campaigns with ease, without the burden of minimum campaign spends or upfront commitments. This level of control and adaptability is unprecedented in the realm of TV advertising. Brands can start campaigns with no minimum spend, creating streaming TV campaigns easily within the Amazon Ads console or via the Amazon Ads API.

Patrick Miller, Co-Founder of Flywheel, notes that Sponsored TV makes streaming TV advertising accessible and cost-efficient for both emerging and established brands.

Leveraging Amazon’s Rich Data For Targeted Advertising

At the heart of Sponsored TV’s effectiveness is Amazon’s utilization of first-party shopping and entertainment signals. This approach enables brands to engage with audiences who show interest in specific types of content or products, ensuring that advertisements are not just seen but are also relevant and engaging.

Sponsored TV Or Streaming TV ads?

It can be confusing as terms seem interchangeable for Sponsored TV and Streaming TV. The simplest way to approach this is to think of Sponsored TV as a Streaming TV solution. It enables Sellers and Vendors quick and straightforward access to running Streaming TV ads.

As a result, Amazon provides two distinct avenues for accessing Streaming TV ads:

  • Sponsored Advertising TV
  • Amazon DSP

Both leverage Amazon’s unique signals, premium inventory, and measurement tools to assist you in reaching your marketing objectives. However, the Amazon DSP offers access to supplementary audiences, inventory options, and control features that are currently not accessible through Sponsored TV.

Another point of difference is that Sponsored TV does not have a minimum spending requirement, whereas the Amazon DSP mandates a minimum campaign spend of $50,000. DSP is often a solution used by large brands and agency teams.

Training & Certifications

Unsure where or how to start despite all the self-service tools? Amazon also educates advertisers on the nuances of Streaming TV ads, including understanding different buying options, evaluating PMPs, and adhering to creative policies. To learn more, Amazon offers an intro course called Get Started with Streaming TV Ads.

In-depth Metrics For Measurable Impact

Understanding and measuring the impact of advertising campaigns is crucial for brands. Sponsored TV addresses this need by providing advertisers with in-depth campaign reporting metrics. These insights include ad-attributed branded searches and detailed page views, offering a clear picture of campaign performance.

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What is Amazon’s Sponsored TV?

  • Sponsored TV is Amazon Ads’ new self-service streaming TV ad solution, enabling brands of all sizes to advertise on streaming TV services.

How does Sponsored TV benefit small and medium-sized brands?

  • It offers an accessible platform for these brands to engage in TV advertising without the high costs and complex execution traditionally associated with it.

What makes Sponsored TV different from traditional TV advertising?

  • Its self-service nature, flexibility, and use of Amazon’s first-party data for targeted advertising set it apart from traditional TV advertising.

Can Sponsored TV help in targeting specific audiences?

  • Yes, it uses Amazon’s first-party shopping and entertainment signals to engage with audiences interested in specific types of content or products.

Is real-time campaign performance tracking available in Sponsored TV?

  • Yes, advertisers have access to real-time metrics like ad-attributed branded searches and detail page views to measure campaign impact.

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