Verified Amazon Connector for Google Sheets

Connect Amazon and Google Sheets to keep data synced with scale, efficiency, and simplicity.

Do you want to use Google Sheets for Amazon Sponsored Brands, Products, Display, or TV analysis? Would you like to use Google Sheets to automate Amazon DSP, Amazon Marketing Stream, Vendor Central, and Seller Central data analysis?

Rather than manually downloading Excel or CSV reports and importing them into Google Sheets, you can automate Amazon data flow to Google BigQuery via verified Amazon APIs.

Google BigQuery is an official Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to connect and import data directly from your Amazon Seller Central, Vendor Central, and Amazon Ads accounts.

Why Automate Using An Amazon Connector for Google Sheets?

Direct access to Amazon API reporting data means no messy, time-consuming manual report downloads. Just simple, straightforward data access in Google Sheets powered by BigQuery.

BigQuery allows you to scale beyond Google Sheets limits. Here are just a few ways it helps you scale:

  1. Handling Larger Datasets: BigQuery can process and analyze datasets much larger than the maximum allowed in Google Sheets (which limits the number of cells), enabling users to work with vast amounts of data without performance hits.
  2. Increased Query Performance: For datasets that exceed Google Sheets’ capacity, BigQuery’s infrastructure allows for faster query execution times, even on very large datasets. Supports more dynamic and complex data exploration.
  3. Designed To Scale With Your Business. BigQuery’s architecture is designed to handle petabytes of data, offering users virtually no data limits. This ensures that as a user’s data needs to grow, BigQuery can easily handle the workloads of a growing agency, seller, or vendor across 100s of clients, accounts, or advertisers.

Supercharged Amazon Connector for Google Sheets Powered By BigQuery

With the flow of data automated from Amazon to BigQuery, you access, analyze, visualize, and share billions of rows of data in Google Sheets using official Google-approved connectors.

The Sheets + BigQuery connector offers fast, automated, and simple data automation so you can focus on using data in Google Sheets to get the insight jobs done.

  • Collaborate with partners, analysts, or other stakeholders in a familiar Google Sheets interface.
  • Eliminate many data limits for Google Sheets by using BigQuery to store all your data, including years of historical data no longer available via the Amazon APIs.
  • Cost-effectively scale the volume of data you can use in Sheets with the power of Google BigQuery.
  • Ditch the messy, manual report downloads. Ensure a single source of truth for data analysis without constant downloads and file management.
  • Streamline your reporting and dashboard workflows with fast, efficient data analysis on Google Sheets.
  • The flexibility to use other tools like Looker, Power BI, or Tableau using the same data stored in BigQuery.

Connected Google Sheets runs queries on BigQuery for you. The results of those queries are saved in your spreadsheet for analysis and sharing. You get the power of a scalable cloud data warehouse like BigQuery with the familiarity of a tool like Google Sheets.

Google BigQuery to Google Sheets Examples

You can create a Google Sheets Amazon price tracker or have Google Sheets live update Amazon price updates to BigQuery. Not only can you have Amazon Seller Central to Google Sheets, but you can also have Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Ads.

You can use Google Sheets to analyze hundreds of other automated data sources to do more than an Amazon Seller Google Sheets report.

  • Create an Amazon FBA spreadsheet that streamlines the tracking of fulfillment metrics, enhancing logistics and inventory management efficiency.
  • Utilizing data automation for an Amazon seller spreadsheet significantly improves sales and expense tracking accuracy and speed, aiding in better financial decision-making.
  • Implementing data automation in an Amazon FBA inventory spreadsheet optimizes inventory levels, reducing the risk of stockouts or overstocking, thereby maximizing profitability.
  • Rather than manually track Amazon sales data in Excel, Google Sheets + BigQuery Sellers and Vendors can quickly analyze sales trends and performance, enabling more informed strategic planning and marketing decisions.
  • Data automation for an Amazon inventory spreadsheet ensures real-time inventory tracking, facilitating more effective stock management and replenishment strategies.
  • Employing data automation in an Amazon profit Excel spreadsheet provides a clear, instantaneous view of profit margins, helping to identify areas for cost reduction and revenue enhancement.
  • While you can manually create an Amazon product listing template in Excel, Google Sheets automation streamlines the listing process, improving accuracy and saving time, which can be redirected toward other growth activities.

To see how easy it is to connect sheets to BigQuery, check out this video guide:

Amazon API + Google Sheets

This is not Amazon price scraping to Google Sheets; this is using official Amazon APIs to load data into Google BigQuery!

Amazon offers Seller, Vendor, and Ads data feeds for a broad cross-section of data to be used in Google Sheets via BigQuery.

Openbridge fully automates the data flow from Amazon to a private, trusted BigQuery destination you own. Here are just some of the Amazon data you can access;

Get Started Automating Amazon Data To Google Sheets— For Free.

Amazon Seller, Vendor, and Amazon Ads to Google Sheets powered by BigQuery can be set up in minutes with Amazon automation.

Openbridge delivers code-free data automation to BigQuery across Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads, Amazon DSP, Amazon Marketing Stream, and Amazon Attribution. We also fully support Amazon Seller and Vendor Central data automation.

If you are a Brand, Digital Agency, or something in between, we offer a free 30-day trial so that you can connect Google Sheets and Amazon data together via BigQuery.

>> Get a 30-day free trial to try the Amazon Connector for Google Sheets for yourself.


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