Chatlytics: Amazon Marketing Cloud AI Copilot

The Chatlytics Amazon Marketing Cloud AI Copilot is your data analysis partner, simplifying the traditionally complex process of authoring AMC SQL.

One of the barriers to getting started with Amazon Marketing Cloud is understanding the data and how to write AMC SQL. The datasets are complex, and AMC SQL has a steep learning curve.

We released a free Amazon Marketing Cloud Copilot called “Chatlytics.” If you are hunting down an SQL error or exploring new ways to create insights, start a conversation about your AMC query or dataset. When you’re stuck, ask the Chatlytics Copilot.

Generate AMC SQL

The Chatlytics Copilot empowers non-technical users with a straightforward approach to understanding AMC’s operation.

Paste SQL into the AMC Query Editor

It’s interactive, iterative, and conversational, making learning enjoyable and relatable. This saves time, reduces frustration, and instills a sense of capability in navigating a complex tool like AMC.

  • Ask for ideas on how to query DSP Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Sponsored Ads…
  • Let it help uncover new strategies to explore insight opportunities.
  • Trace and troubleshoot errors in AMC SQL. If AMC throws an SQL error, Chatlytics can help you solve it.
Download your AMC Query Results

The Chatlytics service is free. However, to access the Chatlytics AMC Copilot, you must have an OpenAI ChatGPT Plus plan.

Start using the Amazon Marketing Cloud Copilot “Chatlytics” today!

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